The server has been RE-OPENED with gang wars

We have changed IP to
Add this IP to your favorites and share! Click above and read more!

Custom domain IP
We now have custom domain IP. You can now use "" and add it to SA-MP client to access our server. You can also share "" instead of the normal IP with other players. Click above and read more!

The domain name has changed and SSL added along with a faster web host

The domain name has changed to and we have added SSL certificate from Comodo ensuring further security and moving to "HTTPS". We have also moved to a faster web host. Click above and read more!


What's new?

Welcome to Ultimate Funky Freeroam! 
An awesome server which brings everything you want from an SA-MP server under one roof!
From DMs 
to derby to racing to some straight up gang activity, it's all here. 
Enjoy and have fun!
Server IP: or


DBH declines the challenge but adds something more. Read here


Music that hits you in the feels here


Memes - much wow such fun. See and add your own funny memes here
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